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Shaune Bordere, JD, BS, born Shaune Estelle Pierre in 1979, is a 2020 Election Texas Democratic Delegate, an award winning Technology Innovator, Author, Screenwriter, Humanitarian and Politician who has lived in Texas since 2005. Originally born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Shaune has dedicated her life to the service of others. Shaune is a graduate of Loyola University of New Orleans Law School and Xavier University of Louisiana. She began college at The University of Maryland at College Park at age 16, earning Maryland Distinguished Scholar honors. She is a member of Phi Delta Phi legal honor society and the Texas Democrats. Shaune is an accomplished Writer known for earning the 2021 CIFA Award for her ocean conservation mobile game 'Adventures of the Underworld.' She has competed for a BAFTA Award and Academy Awards since 2016. Shaune holds a degree in Biology with a Chemistry minor and she is an Environmentalist. She has developed the world's most powerful solid state battery and Carbon capture technology. She is the President and Founder of SRL Motors, Incorporated, a new Texas automaker in development. Shaune is also the President of Studio Releasing, LLC, a motion picture production company.

Shaune Bordere's campaign for the United States Senate is dedicated to the reform and support of the Texas foster care system, the establishment of new support for Texas homeless families and children and the support of innovation and technology creating millions of new sustainable jobs and businesses in Texas. Shaune Bordere will establish new programs designed to end climate change, global warming and fossil fuel emissions by 2030 and so much more when elected to the United States Senate. She has the experience, knowledge and skills to raise and attract billions of dollars to Texas with some of America's largest banks and financial institutions. Shaune can and will get the job done for Texas with your support for her campaign and the people's agenda.


Shaune Bordere speaks the words that change the world.


Shaune Bordere is a leader in her own right. She has worked for two decades for the environment and the economy.


Shaune Bordere has proven time and time again that she is able to listen to us all and be proactive.

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